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Product Warranty Card

Publish:Shenzhen Areox Technologies Co.,Ltd.  Time:2016-07-22

AreoX Warranty Services

         AreoX agrees to warranty services during the warranty period subject to normal operation. We will be responsible for free maintain due to the product itself quality problem caused by non-artificial damage failure. Please bring up your product invoice and warranty card when return, replace or repair:

1.We agree to replace a product within 15 calendar days since your purchasing date,while return is only for 7 calendar days if the product has no manufacturing defect, has not been activated and is still in new or like-new condition.

2. The aircraft’s warranty period is for 1 year since your purchasing date.

3. The battery’s warranty period is for 6 months since your purchasing date.

4. The charge’s warranty period is for 6 months since your purchasing date.

5.Please log on our websitewww.Areox.comto check the detail policy for free warranty.

Customer Information (for customer)



Delivery Date


Phone number






Shipping Address


Authorized Dealer (for authorized dealer)

Name of dealer




Shipping  Address






Amount of Customers

Amount of repair goods

Product Invoice

Delivery Date






Product Information

Model name


Model Type


Product SN


Battery SN


Return Parts


Issue Description



Service information Repair  Exchange 



Sync Flight record


Service Centre




Troubleshooting Date


Accurate Time


Description of troubleshooting & Emergency recovery attempts:







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